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The Rep Announces Local Auditions for Sister Act

September 13, 2016

Actors will be required to bring a headshot and resume as well as 32 bars of music either from, or in the style of the show.  An accompanist will be provided.  Actors may be asked to attend a dance callback later in the day and/or read from the script following the singing auditions.  To obtain an appointment, please email Peter Mensky, Company Manager/Casting Associate, at and put ‘Sister Act Local Request’ as the subject line of the mail.  Please note that audition times are limited and will be assigned on a first come basis.  Actors will be expected to read a slide from the play which you can find on our website.

Rehearsals will begin January 3, the previews begin January 24 and closing is February 26.  All roles paid.  Seeking Union and Non-Union actors for the following roles:

Deloris Van Cartier:  Female, 25-35, African American.  Aspiring disco diva with Donna Summer-like dreams.  Survival has made her cynical and tough, but as she works with the convent nuns, she finds joy and purpose.  Vocal range E3 – F#5.


Mother Superior:  Female, 50-70, All ethnicities.  Head of the convent.  Sarcastic, stiff and very protective of keeping her sisters from the outside world.  Vocal range D3 – E5.


Sister Mary Robert:  Female, 16-25, All ethnicities.  A postulant who was abandoned as a baby and raised in the convent.  She is shy and soft-spoken, but singing with Deloris helps her find her voice.  Vocal range F#3 – A5.


Sister Mary Patrick:  Female, 35-50, All ethnicities.  Jovial, enthusiastic, and easily excitable nun who lives in the convent.  Vocal range G3-E6


Sister Mary Lazarus:  Female, 50-70, All ethnicities.  A nun of the convent who heads the choir.  Deadpan and unwelcoming, but gets caught up in Deloris’s soul music.  Vocal range F3-B4.


Monsignor O’Hara:  Male, 45-60, All ethnicities.  Benevolent with an Irish twinkle in his eye.  Constantly concerned with the financial survival of the convent, he sees Deloris’s music as a path to the convent’s salvation.  Vocal Range E3 – G4.

Curtis Jackson:  Male, 30-40, African American.  Notorious club-owning gangster and Deloris’s boyfriend.  Narcissistic with sex appeal and charisma.  Dangerous and always on the verge of violence.  Vocal range A2 – Ab4.


Eddie Souther:  Male, 35-40, All ethnicities.  Desk clerk at the police station who was Deloris’s high school classmate.  Dreams of being a hero, but a bad case of nerves has earned him the nickname, “Sweaty Eddie,” particularly around his crus, Deloris.  Vocal range Ab2 – B4.


TJ:  Male, 21-30, African American.  Curtis’s nephew and one of his henchmen.  He is in a constant state of ignorant bliss.  Vocal range Db3 – Eb5


Joey:  Male, 30-40, All ethnicities.  One of Curtis’s henchmen.  Burly.  Fancies himself a ladies man.  Vocal range Bb2 – Eb5


Pablo:  Male, 25-40, Hispanic.  One of Curtis’s henchmen.  A natural born follower who constantly speaks Spanish.  Strong Falsetto.  Vocal range C4 – F5.


Sister Mary Martin-of-Tours:  Female, 40-60, All ethnicities.  A nun of the convent.  Clearly in her own world, yet has moments of surprising clarity. 


Sister Mary Theresa:  Female, 60-70, All ethnicities.  A nun of the convent.  The oldest of the group.  Decrepit at first look, but packs a punch. 


Michelle:  Female, 20-30, African American.  Deloris’s backup singer.  Big mouthed and always quick with a comeback.  Vocal range Bb3 – F5.  (understudies Deloris).


Tina:  Female, 20-30, All ethnicities.  Deloris’s backup singer.  Thick and naïve.  Vocal range Ab3 – F5


Ernie:  Male, 25-35, African American.  One of Curtis’s henchmen.  An ill-fated yes-man turned informant. 


Ensemble:  18-55.  All ethnicities.  Excellent singer/dancers to play Nuns, Drag Queens, Bar Denizens, etc. 

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