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The Crucible

October 26, 2016 - November 13, 2016

Play by Arthur Miller  |  Directed by Paul Barnes

Since its premiere in 1953, master playwright Arthur Miller’s chilling portrayal of the historic Salem Witch Trials has become an American stage classic as well as a terrifying metaphor for modern times. The Crucible explores the insidious dangers of paranoia, mass hysteria and prejudice, all potent issues which could be ripped from today’s headlines.

Amid a rash of mysterious illnesses and rumors of strange behavior among the young girls of Salem, Mass., suspicions of malevolent forces at work begin to cloud the judgment of the town’s citizens and they pledge to root out the evil in their colony.

But children’s games soon turn deadly as the people of Salem are whipped into a bloodthirsty frenzy by fear and distrust. Neighbor turns against neighbor, whispers become testimony and lies become truth.

As the minds of the townsfolk become poisoned by anxiety and doubt, even upright farmer and family man John Proctor is falsely accused of witchcraft and must fight a corrupt court to protect the virtue of his name.

“Arthur Miller, one of the great American moralists, wrote The Crucible, a play about the 17th Century Salem, Mass. witch hunts and trials, during another period of witch hunts and trials in America: the mid-20th Century Joseph McCarthy-led HUAC Congressional hearings,” said Director Paul Barnes. “It is fascinating to view our new century through the probing moral questions that permeate Miller’s work: How do we define manhood? What does it mean to have a conscience and to let it guide us? How can we be better human beings?  I'm thrilled to revisit Miller's great play at this tumultuous time in our country's history and continuing evolution, and in this centenary anniversary year in which Arthur Miller is being so widely honored and remembered.”

Inspired by the “McCarthy Red Scare” of the 1950s, Miller’s white-hot play is a powerful testament to the injustices that can be committed in the name of patriotism and to the self-destructive nature of intolerance.


Michael Stewart Allen* ... John Proctor
Reagan Allen ... Mercy Lewis
Ezra Barnes* ... Thomas Putnam
Kaitlin Sierra Carson ... US/ Susanna Walcott/ Townsperson
Brooklyn Courtney-Moore ... Betty Parris
Verda Davenport ... Tituba
Heather Dupree ... Ann Putnam/Sarah Good
Jim Fitzpatrick* ... Francis Nurse
Tarah Flanagan* ... Elizabeth Proctor
Eric Gilde* ... Reverend Hale
Blake Henri ... Ezekiel Cheever
Candyce Blackard Hinkle* ... Rebecca Nurse
Stephen Paul Johnson* ... Deputy Governor Danforth
London Alayah Jones ... Townsperson
Stephanie Lambourn* ... Mary Warren
Maddie Lentz ... Susannah Wallcott/ Townsperson
John Maltese ... Judge Hathorne
Ryan McCarthy* ... Reverend Parris
Annie McCurdy ... US Mercy Lewis/ Townsperson
Gracyn Mix* ... Abigail
Ella Moody ... US Betty Parris/ Townsperson
Mark Murphey* ... Giles Corey
Tre' Whitley ... Townsperson


Lighting Designer: Lonnie Rafael Alcaraz
Director: Paul Barnes
Sound Designer: Allan Branson
Costume Designer: Marianne Custer
Stage Manager: Danny Kuenzel*
Properties Designer: Lynda J. Kwallek
Resident Set Designer/Technical Director: Mike Nichols
Assistant to the Director: Jess Shoemaker

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