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Jar the floor

March 29, 2017 - April 16, 2017

Play by Cheryl L. West  |  Directed by Gilbert McCauley

Four generations of African-American women gather to celebrate their beloved, outrageous matriarch’s 90th birthday. The trouble is, recently widowed MaDear would rather watch her soap operas and read her Bible than blow out the candles on her cake.

Tempers flare and ugly secrets are revealed in this furiously fractured family portrait. Yet, even in the midst of so much turmoil, rollicking humor bites its way through the cycles of guilt and blame passed on from mothers to daughters. 

Fierce and funny, Jar the Floor is a heartfelt comedy that proves blood is thicker than water and the ghosts of the past should not rob us of the moments we have together in the here and now.

“In addition to the thrill of returning to direct my eighth production at The Rep, it's always exciting to work on a good play,” said Director Gilbert McCauley. “It's even more fun to return to a good play more than once; this is the case for me with Jar the Floor.  Each time I come back to this piece, I am pleasantly surprised by the appreciation and delight that audiences express as they peek into this special day-in-the-life of these four generations of women. I get the sense that audiences enjoy it because the writing reflects an admiration for

human resilience coupled with a compassion for human frailty. While it is filled with raucous and often poignant humor, the playwright, Cheryl West, says her play is also about "making peace--with one's scars, with one's history's mother."

From Cheryl L. West, the award-winning playwright of Before It Hits Home, Pullman Porter Blues andHoliday Heart, Jar the Floor is a turbulent celebration of the ties that bind the family, no matter how dysfunctional it may be.


CeCelia Antoinette* ... MaDear
Joy Lynn Jacobs* ... Lola
Maya Jackson* ... Vennie
Shannon Lamb* ... Maydee
Erikka Walsh* ... Raisa


Lighting Designer: Dan Kimble
Stage Manager: Danny Kuenzel*
Properties Designer: Lynda J. Kwallek
Sound Designer: C Andrew Mayer
Director: Gilbert McCauley
Resident Set Designer/Technical Director: Mike Nichols
Costume Designer: Holly Payne

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